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Deep linking issues on Samsung Note
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User reported issue:

Device: Samsung Note 20 Ultra

Open a link in any other app
Should open the wikipedia android app installed on the device

Expected result:
App takes me directly to the desired article

Takes the user to the backstack of the open articles [ From what I can tell from the email]
Here is the full report: Link to email

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Unable to reproduce this on Samsung Tab A. Closing this out.

The user texted us with a video so we can check how this happened:

Hi @ARamadan-WMF ,

I was unable to reproduce the issue. Here is what I am seeing for the same link:

I see that they are using a Samsung note, but I do not have the device. Will try to test more, but in the meantime, they can probably try upgrading to the latest version?

Hey @Sharvaniharan ,
Ok, I reached out to him with this result.

Hey @Sharvaniharan
the user replied with this, pls check if we can do something to help him:

Still no luck.

I've given up.

I always use the latest version and it still doesn't work.

I do use which COULD theoretically be blocking some attribute of the link, but it shouldn't be affected as I have no problems with other apps opening deep links etc and also it's not a serious enough issue for me to spend additional time / energy on it.

I'll just stick to the web version of Wikipedia and hopefully ya'll will be able to fix it eventually.