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[Tracking] additional services as alternatives to current WDQS use
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A number of users (especially usage via APIs) are currently using the Wikidata Query Service even though it is not the most appropriate tool for the job. One reason for this is a lack of better alternative and more specialized services. This ticket is trying to collect a number of these usecases that would be better served by other services so we can evaluate what to build next.

Patters we are seeing:

patternexamplepossible solution
queries that don't need the full power of sparql but rely on the query service to get labels for linked entities in the resultgetting the names for the head of government of a countrythe upcoming REST API will help here

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From the explanation given by @So9q on project chat, it seems interesting to be able to use (or learn to use) other graph languages, such as Gremlin.

This doesn't need to be over the entire database, but a subset could be sufficient.

I think it is beneficial to have an initial common search interface (SPARQL) to Wikidata. If Google directed users to specialized services for initially searching for movie showtimes, maps of locations, academic publications, etc. then I think someone else would come along and make a better Google.

That Wikidata's SPARQL interface is used a lot isn't a reason to try to get people/applications off of it.

I don't think SPARQL is inherently good; it's just what has become standard in our community.

One simple product that could use a relational DB backend would be an identifier mapping service, where you put in a Wikidata ID (or any ID supported by the system) and get all the other IDs back. Wikidata's identifier mapping functionality is very powerful and useful and something that would not be difficult to implement.

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