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Create a top level wmde group on Gitlab
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I see that groups appear to be getting created.

It would be good to get wmde started with a top level wmde group.


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I've created a placeholder people/wmde group for WMDE employees, which I expect that we'll eventually sync from LDAP - see T274461 for overall auth strategy stuff on GitLab.

As to project groups, we need to make some decisions yet on T292094#7442275. Do we actually want to group things by organization, etc.

After discussing this with @brennen, I created a that is owned by

The idea (outlined in our policy doc is to have organizations modeled as people/<org> — but not have any projects live in that namespace, only groups. And try to avoid <org>/<project> unless it's only people in the org that will ever work on the project. This tracks with how we do things in Gerrit currently


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@Addshore I've added you as an owner of people/wmde, which as @thcipriani mentioned grants access to repos/wmde. For the time being I think it's fine to add other users there, but keep in mind that the people/wmde and people/wmf groups, plus a few others, will probably be special cases where membership is synced from LDAP eventually.