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Update performance_schema to support having request IDs in DB query comments
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We want to update MediaWiki DB query comments to include the request ID, so we can link slow/problematic queries with the request that triggered them.

performance_schema will need to be updated to strip out the request ID when aggregating/grouping queries together per discussion on - I don't actually know what performance_schema is or what generates it, so pointers on that would be helpful.

The proposed syntax is r:{request_id} at the end of the comment, so a regex should be able to remove it.

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Performance schema is an internal tool provided by MySQL to monitor a bunch of its internals, it is not something we own or have control over. The tables are all in memory (meaning they do not use persistent storage) so this task is unfortunately, undoable.

I don't think performance_schema or Tendril T291419: Update tendril or its replacement to support having request IDs in DB query comments are technically blockers for this. However, as I have mentioned at T291419#7367730, this would make Tendril useless.