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Update Help:DiscussionTools#Topic_subscriptions
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This task involves the work with adding information about Automatic Topic Subscriptions to Help:DiscussionTools#Topic_subscriptions.


The information we add to Help:DiscussionTools#Topic_subscriptions as part of this ticket should cause people arriving at this page to know:

  1. The different ways they can become subscribed to a conversation: 1) manually clicking a [ subscribe ] affordance and/or 2) starting a new discussion and/or posting a comment in an existing conversation, provided you have automatic topic subscriptions enabled
  2. How they can go about seeing all of the discussions they are subscribed to
  3. How they can about unsubscribing from a discussion they are subscribed to
  4. Where they can learn more about how topic subscriptions are implemented at a technical level: Extension:DiscussionTools/How it works#Notifications
  5. How they can go about adjusting whether they are or are not automatically subscribed to discussions they start and comment in


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Will you be using prototypes or do you require mockups?

We don't need pictures for these details.