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Implement banner design for occasional editors banner campaign 2021
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For the campaign one banner from the occasional editors banner campaign 2020 will be used:

Campaign will be running from October 12th to October 26th on German Wikipedia.

See and and for last year's deployment.

Tracking schema should be used as in previous campaigns to track impressions, clicks, closing clicks.

Targeting parameter (needs to be adjusted in the code):

  • all logged-in users with 1 - 200 edits

The campaign will run on all devices.


Campaign tag: WMDE_oceditors_fall_2021

The code for this banner is hosted in wmde/community-banners.

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@kai.nissen Hey Kai, this is the task for the banner implementation based on last year's code. Please let me know if you need more information!

kai.nissen updated the task description. (Show Details)
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@kai.nissen Hello Kai, is this ready for doing a tracking test? Can you provide a link to a test banner? Thank you!

@Christine_Domgoergen_WMDE The banner can be tested using the link Abban posted: WMDE_oceditors_fall_2021.

@AbbanWMDE There seems to be a bug. When clicking or closing the banner, the respective event is logged, but the banner impression count is increased. Increasing the impression count should only happen when the event banner-seen occurs.

@kai.nissen @AbbanWMDE Can we test or do we need to wait till the bug is resolved?

@Christine_Domgoergen_WMDE Apparently, this was due to delayed event triggering. No bug here, tests can start.

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