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Improvements to Research Office hours
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From several discussions, there are several improvements that we could do to the Research Office hours:

  • Provide different time-slots to be more inclusive with respect to people in all timezones (e.g. alternate between two different timezones from month to month). Currently, there is one fixed timeslot; we have received comments that this makes it very difficult for some people to join (e.g. Australia).
  • Provide a summary of the discussion of each meeting "on-wiki" (e.g. as a subpage of ). Currently, there are only notes in the etherpad, but this information is not easy to find are link to.
  • Change the name to something more intuitive than "office hours"; for example "conversation". For example, in a current thread in Wikimedia-l someone raised the question what an office hour is. It might not be very clear what to expect during an office hour. One option is to use a name that makes this explicit (such as conversation).
  • Create logo, add to Office Hours page, and use when advertising.
  • Encourage asynchronous communication, e.g. through submission of questions in advance.
  • ...

This is a non-exhaustive list, so feel free to add other use-cases.