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ECS support for subkey typing when parent key is undefined
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There is currently no way to enforce types on sub-fields of dynamic fields.

Index templates do not support wildcards in field definitions. E.g.

                       ˅ -- likely translates to a literal '*' string
- name: puppet.runtime.*.seconds
                         ˄ -- should be typed "half_float"
  level: custom
  type: half_float
  short: total number of seconds spent executing a specific resource
  description: total seconds spent executing a specific resource

We'll need a way to enforce typing on the sub-field of an undefined field.

Dynamic templates with path_match may be the solution. It will be imperative to describe accurately in documentation (short and description fields) what is going on in the defined parent key.

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Change 722966 had a related patch set uploaded (by Cwhite; author: Cwhite):

[operations/software/ecs@master] add dynamic_templates template rendering

Change 722966 merged by jenkins-bot:

[operations/software/ecs@master] add dynamic_templates template rendering

I'm pretty sure this was done via

We an reopen if this is insufficient.