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PDF File does not render on Commons but renders on Wikisource
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This file does not render in Wikimedia Commons:

But in Polish Wikisource rendering of this file works fine:

It should be possible to render the file on both sites.

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Weird. The file doesn't display locally or via InstantCommons (compare, but works fine over the ForeignDBViaLBRepo on every obscure wiki I tried (just to make sure it wasn't caching). The metadata in the database looks fine (, so I don't think this is similar to T290462.

The PdfHandler code hasn't changes since September 3, a few weeks before this file was uploaded. My development environment isn't set up to be able to test this locally, but someone with logging access might be able to find a useful error message.

Just FYI: this is not a newly uploaded file, but a new version overwriting the old one (and the old version has been deleted due to copyvio)

Whatever the underlying pronlem was, the file renders now.