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Bot adds "|access-date" to a ref which already has "|accessdate"
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See diff:

It's the last change in that diff.

The output is {{Cite news |title=ESB to demolish West Offaly Power Station |url= |newspaper=Offaly Independent |date=2020-01-24 |accessdate=2021-06-01 |access-date=29 September 2020 |archive-date=15 May 2021 |archive-url= |url-status=live }}

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This is still happening, to three parameters which have optional hyphens:

  • accessdate/access-date
  • archivedate/archive-date
  • archiveurl/archive-url

Here is an example where the bot duplicated all three parameters in one ref:

As a workaround until the bot is fixed, i have written a wee script to add dashes to cite parameters:

Using the script before invoking IAbot will avoid the duplication caused by this big.

Our CS1 redundant parameters in SqWiki went from almost 0 to 3k articles in around a week.
This link that was given to me some days ago by another user shows that there are more than 1k results only with the archive[-]url problem. And this is only for SqWiki that has less that 100k articles in total.

I was forced to currently disable IABot from SqWiki. I really hope that once it is fixed, it can also help fix the redundancy it caused.

I //think// (but I am not sure my solution is 100% correct or on the right path) i coded out a solution to this, but it needs testing and debugging. I will submit a .patch file with my changes, but i don't know how to set up the testing harness.

It appears that this bug may have been fixed in the upgrade to v2.0.8.4 of IAbot. See these 2 bot edits:

  1. : bot adds archive links without disturbing existing unhyphenated parameter "accessdate"
  2. - bot adds archive link to without disturbing existing unhyphenated parameter "accessdate"

I have [ asked] the bot owners for clarification. See However, their communication has been very poor, so I am not hopeful of a prompt and clear answer.

See also WP:BRFA/Rlink2 Bot 3 , a proposed en.wp bot which tackles this bug. It may now be redundant.

Cyberpower678 claimed this task.

Now fully fixed in v2.0.8.5