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User:Calvinius has local accounts with edits, but no global account
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while prepping for T205347: Enable SUL accounts on Governance wiki, I noticed that has a couple of local accounts, but it has no matching global account.

According to the current configuration of CentralAuth, this user cannot login.

How did this happen and why? How can we fix this?

Event Timeline suggests there was some renaming in 2015, and also shows they own (a proper global account). Funnily enough, even though that request is marked as Done, still appears to exist under the old name?

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The was happening a lot of renaming of this user

  1. They got renamed from Calvinius to MartinGrandjean only in commons. It was an usurpation of his own Doppelgänger account, which got renamed to MartinGrandjean (usurp). This was requested at (03.05.2015)
  2. SUL Migration happened. His commons account MartinGrandjean became the global account MartinGrandjean~commonswiki and MartinGrandjean (usurp) became MartinGrandjean (usurp)~commonswiki (13.07.2015). While the global account MartinGrandjean is also his, can be confirmed by this edit:
  3. A new local account for Calvinius was created automatically in commons ( (27.07.2015).
  4. The local commons accounts for Calvinius and MartinGrandjean~commonswiki were swaped, requested here: This happened in three steps (24.08.2015):
    1. Calvinius got renamed to Calvinius (pending merge)
    2. MartinGrandjean~commonswiki got renamed to Calvinius
    3. Calvinius (pending merge) got rename to Calvinius

But, at first glance, I can't see that this could have caused Calvinius to not have a global account.

Can this be fixed by running the migrateAccount maintenance script?

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2021-10-31T13:14:42Z] <urbanecm> Re-create global account User:Calvinius and attach existing local accounts to it (T291745)

Urbanecm closed this task as Resolved.EditedOct 31 2021, 1:16 PM
Urbanecm claimed this task.

I just discovered that the global account was simply deleted:

Good find. I recreated it again then, attaching everything to it:

[urbanecm@mwmaint1002 ~]$ mwscript extensions/CentralAuth/maintenance/migrateAccount.php --wiki=frwiki --auto --homewiki frwiki --username Calvinius
CentralAuth account migration for: Calvinius
INFO: Setting homewiki for 'Calvinius' to frwiki
INFO: Incomplete migration for 'Calvinius'
2021-10-31 13:08:23 processed 1 usernames (1.2/sec), 0 (0.0%) fully migrated, 1 (100.0%) partially migrated
[urbanecm@mwmaint1002 ~]$ cat users.txt
[urbanecm@mwmaint1002 ~]$ mwscript extensions/CentralAuth/maintenance/attachAccount.php --wiki=enwiki --userlist users.txt
CentralAuth account attach for: Calvinius
ATTACHING: Calvinius@alswiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@arwiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@cawiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@cswiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@elwiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@enwiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@enwikibooks
ATTACHING: Calvinius@enwikinews
ATTACHING: Calvinius@enwikiquote
ATTACHING: Calvinius@enwikisource
ATTACHING: Calvinius@enwikiversity
ATTACHING: Calvinius@enwikivoyage
ATTACHING: Calvinius@enwiktionary
ATTACHING: Calvinius@eswiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@fiwiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@frwikibooks
ATTACHING: Calvinius@frwikinews
ATTACHING: Calvinius@frwikiquote
ATTACHING: Calvinius@frwikisource
ATTACHING: Calvinius@frwikiversity
ATTACHING: Calvinius@frwikivoyage
ATTACHING: Calvinius@frwiktionary
ATTACHING: Calvinius@hewiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@huwiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@idwiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@incubatorwiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@itwiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@jawiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@loginwiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@mediawikiwiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@nlwiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@nlwikibooks
ATTACHING: Calvinius@pnbwiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@ptwiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@rowiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@ruwiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@sewikimedia
ATTACHING: Calvinius@shwiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@sourceswiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@specieswiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@svwiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@tawiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@ukwiki
ATTACHING: Calvinius@zhwiki
[2021-10-31 13:13:34] processed: 1 (1.7/sec); ok: 0 (0.0%); attached: 1 (100.0%); partial: 0 (0.0%); failed: 0 (0.0%); missing: 0 (0.0%);
[urbanecm@mwmaint1002 ~]$

Noting this is mostly a cleanup merge, since we cleared local password fields thanks to SUL. They've a mail assigned, so at least they can reset.