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Batch Upload for Blackwood's Magazine
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Thanks for the list. Again, I will be waiting for the various stash failures like T278104 to be resolved, as it's completely impractical to do these uploads otherwise.

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Fixed a few broken links, added No Commons

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Working on it, but it's slow progress since the pagelist of Blackwoods are uniquely bad. I can just dump them into the Index namespace and run, but that's not very kind to the gnomes who do pagelists for new indexes.

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And all pagelists done and all page defects that I know of dealt with. It took writing a while new pagelist tool to grind though!

2021-12-21_164430_517x637_screenshot.png (637×517 px, 88 KB)

There may be some volumes that don't have the monthly TOCs where such TOCs are actually available, you can just mark the scans with {{missing pages}} in that case. sometimes the ToC are there but they're in-between the issues rather than all up-front.