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Evaluate Q2 OKRs
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At the beginning of the FY 2021-2022, the Android team established these draft OKRs for the Q2 messaging interface work:

  • Objective: Target users have a more intuitive and enhanced communication interface to reduce barriers for productively collaborating with other Wikipedians to increase confidence while improving wikiprojects
  • Key results: Talk Namespace edits through Android app modern messaging interface has a growth rate 10% higher than mobile web, iOS and the Android app baseline.
  • Key results: Target users will make an edit or post on a talk page within 10 days of clicking a notification at double the current rate
  • Key result: 70% of usability testers with demographics of our target user group report preferring the modern interface over the original
  • Guardrail: At least 60% of participating validation group members reports a lack of disruption to their workflows

This task is for the analyst to determine what baselines need to be pulled and if these key results will best help us understand if we met our objective

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