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Deprecate CamelCase in special page names
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Author: theevilipaddress

It would be a good idea to change all English special page aliases to common spelling, i.e. "Broken redirects" instead of "BrokenRedirects" and so on. Most people aren't used to read words like this and instead stop reading at a space. Furthermore, it's quite confusing when the title says "Broken redirects", but Special:Broken redirects doesn't lead you there. The old camel case should probably be kept for backwards compability, but IMO the default title of a special page should be changed to proper spacing and casing.

Version: 1.18.x
Severity: enhancement



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Sounds like a good idea. Makes sense (the camel case was likely kept from UseMod-wiki days).

Setting milestone to 1.20

Setting milestone to 1.20

Why that milestone. Just saying if we want to do this (I think it'd be a good idea), we should just do it. Its only a couple lines changed in languages/messagesEn.php , and we know it won't break anything because it's already done by several other languages.

I agree with this.

It used to be lowercase, but at some point they were changed to CamelCase.

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5-years-later bump.

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