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Submit mismatches from Results page
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Depends on task T289557: Results page - indicate review decisions

  • create one form for each result (i.e. item), with the mismatches table and a submit button
  • submitting the form will trigger a handler to send the data
  • the buttons will be disabled until the new endpoint task is done
  • write a unit test for the Results page that mocks $inertia (see Home.vue) and makes sure that the put method is called with the correct URL and payload
  • payload is expected to be an array of full mismatch data, including the updated review_status we have convened with @Silvan_WMDE that it is not necessary to send the complete mismatch data, we are sending the decisions object instead.

Event Timeline

Silvan_WMDE renamed this task from Send mismatches from the internal Resultspage data model to that endpoint on submit to Submit mismatches from Results page.Sep 29 2021, 11:47 AM