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Hi to all,
I'm new to MediaWiki. I went to the website Wikiapiary and I liked the rating system there for the category "Extention". I have been looking for information on how this can be implemented for a long time, but I dont found , so I decided to go to Wikiapiary and decided to use forms and templates , properties as on the site to adapt to my site . Here is an example of a page on my siteТитания_Titania_black_currant but when I click the to make a rating then I get an error . Before the error, the page was not automatically inserted into the window (the name of the page was missing for which the rating) What could be my mistakes?
The information on Semantic Mediawiki is very scarce about rating
[[ URL | Special:Version there ]]
[[ URL |Служебная:Спецстраницы ]]
Or maybe somewhere there is an instruction on how you can implement a rating with a comment like Wikiapiary rating ? Thnx!

If open the rating form (Форма:Оценка_смородины) and write down the page name, then it works, it does not work from the page after click .

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Untagging MediaWiki-extensions-Semantic-Rating, since the question seems to have to do with editing ratings, which is not a feature of that extension. It only displays ratings.

It isn't clear from the description what aspect of editing ratings is not working, but it may have to do with the configuration of the form, so may be relevant (also see MediaWiki-extensions-Page_Forms). If so, your best bet would be asking for help at

I'm closing this task, since it appears that you are asking for help, not reporting an issue. If it turns out there is an issue that needs to be addressed, please feel free to reopen the task.