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Security Issue Access Request for Majavah
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Phabricator Username: @majavah

Reasons For Request: I'm a Toolforge root and would like to see security issues related to cloud things without having to be manually added to them. Additionally I'm in practice one of the primary maintainers of CentralAuth, here too it would be useful to see private tasks about current issues or non-obvious previous issues which are on private tasks.

I've already signed an NDA (T278390#7063385) and have 2-factor authentication enabled on Phabricator.


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sbassett moved this task from Incoming to Our Part Is Done on the Security-Team board.

@Dsharpe Hi, would it be possible to get access to #wikimedia-security on IRC too? My Libera Chat account is Majavah and I'm cloaked as mediawiki/majavah.

Done. Please let me know if you have any problems joining.