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Bot app continuing to run despite bot being stopped
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On English Wikipedia, the bot run status was changed to disabled after a bug report (T291704). However, the OAuth app IABotManagementConsole continued to run on English Wikipedia, resulting in continued errors, eg . By default if the bot is disabled the app should also be disabled to avoid situations like this.

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The user assumes responsibility for the edit and it is on them to ensure it is error free.

As a workaround until the bot is fixed, i have written a wee script to add dashes to cite parameters:

Using the script before invoking IAbot will avoid the duplication caused by this big.

Nikkimaria was aware of this workaround, since i had notified them of it 5 hours before they posted here: see the discussion at

It's a pity that prefers to try to deny editors the ability to use this bot