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Cannot read property 'disabled' of undefined / Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'disabled')
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What happens?:
A client error occurs on


t a.selectTab
at active
at  <anonymous>:225:738
at un  <anonymous>:223:749
at Array.<anonymous>  <anonymous>:210:430
at qe  <anonymous>:209:830

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SimoneThisDot added a subscriber: SimoneThisDot.

Please find below the initial investigation and also fix that is already being implemented

The fix for the issue is already being implemented as part of another refactoring ticket



  • The UI to go back to the initial Tag (Images)


  • There is an error and the tab does not change

After discussing with Carly, I am going to close this task as duplicate as it has been unintentionally fixed as part of the refactoring of the URI.query task.
Please test the above mentioned behaviour when testing T291392.