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CentralNotice Geotargeting: Create continent list
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We've got a CentralNotice request or all African and Caribbean countries here which I've been workin on. But instead of being able to select a continent like I can do for nations and regions, I had to figure out each country individually and add it to the banner campaign. I ended up with 80 selections! This should be more easily doable and would help on other ends like fundraising, too.

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Ciell triaged this task as High priority.EditedJan 3 2022, 4:52 PM


Bringing this request to your attention again.

Wiki Loves Africa is coming up in Feb 2022 again, and it would be REALLY helpful if we can target a continent (per the request for the CN Banner), instead of manually having to select all the different countries on the (in this case African) continent.

Agree this would be helpful. "Clone campaign" (T91078) might be another way to make this easier, as you could then just copy from any previous continent-wide campaigns.

Meanwhile a hacky workaround to select multiple countries is to run the following in your browser console. I believe this list of country codes is correct for Africa, I took it from

$('#geo_locations').jstree('select_node', ['DZ', 'AO', 'BW', 'IO', 'BI', 'CM', 'CV', 'CF', 'TD', 'KM', 'YT', 'CG', 'CD', 'BJ', 'GQ', 'ET', 'ER', 'TF', 'DJ', 'GA', 'GM', 'GH', 'GN', 'CI', 'KE', 'LS', 'LR', 'LY', 'MG', 'MW', 'ML', 'MR', 'MU', 'MA', 'MZ', 'NA', 'NE', 'NG', 'GW', 'RE', 'RW', 'SH', 'ST', 'SN', 'SC', 'SL', 'SO', 'ZA', 'ZW', 'SS', 'SD', 'EH', 'SZ', 'TG', 'TN', 'UG', 'EG', 'TZ', 'BF', 'ZM'])