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Figure out how to force-logout users cross-wiki
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If $wgBlockDisablesLogin is set to true, blocked users can no longer log in. Since T129738 we know that it is necessary reset the users auth token in order to 'force-logout' them. In DatabaseBlockStore this is being done by the following code.

if ( $this->options->get( 'BlockDisablesLogin' ) ) {
	$targetUserIdentity = $block->getTargetUserIdentity();
	if ( $targetUserIdentity ) {
		$targetUser = $this->userFactory->newFromUserIdentity( $targetUserIdentity );
		// Change user login token to force them to be logged out.

Now we want to properly support cross-wiki blocking. This includes that we need to figure out how to reset the auth token cross-wiki, since full user objects can only represent local users, in order to force-logout users if wgBlockDisablesLogin is set to true.

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@Armando805ox: It is unclear to me why you made these changes.

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This is a tricky beast. This is one of the things that we don't have a cross-wiki replacement for yet. Need to think about that, especially with conjunction with CentralAuth.