Android tablets that don't report themselves as "Mobile" should not redirect to mobile site
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Per notes on bug 27238: a more correct version of the tweak in r81128 (since reverted) should be done which keeps non-"Mobile" "Android" devices from redirecting, but without forcing iPad tablets which report being "Mobile Safari" *to* redirect.

It might also be wise to restore the test cases, which were deleted from trunk.

Version: .5
Severity: enhancement


brion created this task.Feb 8 2011, 8:38 AM

hcatlin wrote:

Added back in the test cases. Added new test cases for iPad and Android.

Using the original handling that caused bug 27238, but with a new tweak to
blocks iPad from redirecting.

brion added a comment.Feb 8 2011, 11:22 AM

Woops, reopened wrong bug. :)

See my comments on code review for r81714; this regex is super unclear as to
its purpose and is likely very fragile, and the test cases don't appear to
include any cases for the Android 3.0 tablets that the change is meant to

hcatlin wrote:

Ok, so the changes were in /trunk for a long time, not the deployment branch for mw1.7, so they weren't actually getting pushed up.

However, now its in the deployment branch and synced.

Client-cache is the main issue. Any existing Non-Mobile android users will have an old
version and might still redirect. However, after a cache clearing, they should be fine.

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