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Deployment training request for **CBlanton**
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New deployer checklist

  • I will attend a deployment training session using email:
  • I will attend a deployment training session in the US Pacific timezone
  • I will attend a deployment training session on Thursday, I have no idea when these are offered
  • I have read and be comfortable with the Backport team member's roles, responsibilities and tips
  • I am a WMF/WMDE staff member or contractor

Event Timeline

Hi @CBlanton! These happen on Thurs at 23:00UTC. I've added you the training that happens in 2 hours, but don't feel obligated to attend that one on such short notice. I've also added you to following events, drop in when you're able!

Thank you!

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*Cc: *thcipriani, Aklapper, CBlanton, RhinosF1, NebulousIris, Liudvikas,

([offtopic] @CBlanton: Please either strip unneeded full quotes when repying, or use a delimiter (space dash dash), to keep things more readable. Thanks a lot! :)

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Training completed!

Hey @CBlanton thanks for attending deployment training

I have a list of the next steps to take:

  • Attend MORE train trainings
    • The goal is for you to feel comfortable deploying to production
  • Attend a train log triage meeting
    • This is the meeting where we dig through our logstash to find problems caused by deployments
  • Improve any of the Training docs
    • Write the docs you wish you'd read

Get creds to ship!

Once you feel comfortable with the deployment process, get the necessary credentials to deploy your own code.

  • Get shell and deploy access in production to do deployments, see
  • Gain access to merge changes in wmf deploy branches by being added to the wmf-deployments gerrit group
    • (I can add you if you IRC/Slack me)
  • Join the operations mailing list (
    • This is because announcements that could impact how and/or when to deploy things are primarily sent there.