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🎬️ desktop-en-01 | English fundraising application | ⏰ Oct 14th
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We want to test the effect of translating the donation application content into English. The control banner of this test is the variant banner of last year's desktop-en-04.

Acceptance Criteria

  • The layout glitch in the control banner is fixed (see B20_WMDE_EN_Test_04_var).
  • The variant banner does not display the notice saying that the donation process is continued in German.
  • Submitting the variant banner leads to the donation form in English, allowing for changing the language.
  • The control and variant banner don't display a progress bar.
  • In the use of funds overlay of both the control and the variant banner
    • the header "Why we only need €8,700,000" is changed to "How much (or how little) we need"
    • the text "Our goal to reach €8.7 million in donations is an important part of our total planned revenue for 2021. Without a doubt, this is a lot of money." is replaced by "Our goal of the last donation campaign to reach €8.7 million in donations was an important part of our total planned revenue for 2021."

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kai.nissen set the point value for this task to 5.Thu, Oct 7, 1:40 PM

a few things I spotted

  • the average donation is € 21.60 and not € 22.84.
  • missing punctuation mark between: " Wikipedia could keep thriving for years Most people donate because Wikipedia is useful."
  • the numbers in the annual budget comparison are missing.
    image.png (205×711 px, 4 KB)
    See the German one for the numbers.
  • there is the parameter "impCount=24" in the URL reflecting how many times the user had seen the banner.
    image.png (26×362 px, 1 KB)
    . Is this one correct?


@AbbanWMDE thanks.

still two things:

  1. the layout glitch appears again. Is that a browser thing?

image.png (503×1 px, 34 KB)

  1. now the "imp count" is defined as "impCount=NaN"

btw if the "numbers of impressions" is a problem, you can just change it to "This Thursday, for the 1st time recently, we humbly ask you to defend Wikipedia's independence." and leave the dynamic and the url parameter out of here . Due to the imp limit people will not see this banner a second or third time.

@tmletzko It's working fine for me on all browsers I have (FF Windows/Mac, Chrome Windows/Mac, IE11, Edge). Maybe you need a hard refresh to clear a cache?

@tmletzko Wait, it's okay on, but not Investigating.