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Q2:(Need By: TBD) rack/setup/install civi1002.frack.eqiad.wmnet
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This task will track the racking, setup, and OS installation of civi1002.frack.eqiad.wmnet

Hostname / Racking / Installation Details

Hostnames: civi1002.frack.eqiad.wmnet
Racking Proposal: eqiad frack

  • both 1G NICs connected, one to each frack eqiad switch (for bonded connection)
  • both switch ports set to frack-fundraising-eqiad vlan
  • IP

Partitioning/Raid: [fr-tech-ops will do this]
OS Distro: [fr-tech-ops will do this]

Per host setup checklist

Each host should have its own setup checklist copied and pasted into the list below.

  • - receive in system on procurement task T292004 & in coupa
  • - rack system with proposed racking plan (see above) & update netbox (include all system info plus location, state of planned)
  • - bios/drac/serial setup/testing
  • - add mgmt dns (asset tag and hostname) and production dns entries in netbox, run cookbook sre.dns.netbox.
  • - firmware update (idrac, bios, network, raid controller)
  • - handoff to fundraising-tech-ops

Once the system(s) above have had all checkbox steps completed, this task can be resolved.

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@Jgreen this server is ready for you, BIOS setup, idrac setup (mgmt password is generic), ports have been enabled and added to fundraising VLAN. Let me know if you need anything else.