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purgeList.php does not seem to work in Wikimedia production
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rOMWCdddccbe1e90d: Change Javanese Wiktionary logo changed the logo - old logo says "Wiktionary" and has W mahjong thingie in the middle, new logo says Wikisastra and has W in the upper right. Also, old logo is 21K and new is 9K.

Purging the logo URL (via echo '' | mwscript purgeList.php) doesn't seem to quite work.

$ curl -v -o/dev/null
< server: mw1389.eqiad.wmnet
< last-modified: Thu, 28 May 2020 07:28:27 GMT
< content-length: 21377
< x-cache: cp1087 hit, cp1089 hit/10
< x-cache-status: hit-front

as can be seen from the content length, this is the wrong image. The appserver does have the correct file, and apparently some people do get it.

Right after a purge I get

< x-cache: cp1087 hit, cp1089 miss
< x-cache-status: hit-local

which is strange, AIUI it should be a miss/miss. So it seems like the purge only partially works?