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Every UserLogin visit generates "Persisting session for unknown reason" entry in Logstash
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The log volume isn't too bad, but it doesn't seem particularly useful. And, perhaps more importantly, it seems worrying that possibly one of the most common ways to start a session (visiting the login page) is precieved by the code as an "unknown reason", which suggets there may be a bug in the code of unknown severity.

Source code:

Reproducible by visiting in private browsing, including with any other wiki hostname.

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"Unknown" just means the logging logic couldn't tell the reason. There are plenty of legitimate way for that to happen (e.g. Session::save() being called directly).

In any case, the logging code was added for T264370: User authentication security issue (Oct 1, 2020), which has probably been fixed. If you feel it's problematic, I think it's fine to remove.