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Improper escaping for SQL for Pg
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2011-02-09 13:07:13 EST WARNING: nonstandard use of \\ in a string literal at character 122
2011-02-09 13:07:13 EST HINT: Use the escape string syntax for backslashes, e.g., E'\\'.
2011-02-09 13:07:13 EST LOG: statement: INSERT /* SqlBagOStuff::set */ INTO objectcache (keyname,value,exptime) VALUES ('my_wiki:pcache:idoptions:438','E\\215\\315\\016\\2020\\020\\204\\337e\\037\\200\\354"\\362\\263=\\032\\217\\206\\213z/\\320\\300&RH\\213\\211\\206\\360\\356\\266\\032\\342m\\362}3\\231\\232+\\206\\223n\\007s\\225\\321\\000\\037y\\365\\\\2\\214w\\343\\274L\\026\\224\\017\\014(\\311\\223,f\\302\\340\\376\\375H2\\206\\024\\2110\\305\\212J,\\350\\360\\245\\351\\336;\\277fqoP\\302e\\236!FWD7\\331E\\213\\365\\365\\243\\273\\350^ZP\\015\\343>\\274y\\323\\325\\363\\022\\376=(\\315\\304\\253\\374d\\370\\262\\317\\2611n0\\272\\023\\333\\007\\275m\\037','2011-02-10 18:07:13 GMT')

Version: 1.18.x
Severity: normal



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scfc closed this task as Invalid.Nov 24 2014, 4:58 AM
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MediaWiki 1.18 is no longer supported and I'm not aware of this error in recent versions.

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Migrating from the old tracking task to a tag for PostgreSQL-related tasks.