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VE template dialog improvements: Cursor focus
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I'm having problems with cursor focus. For example, to add Template:Tracked, I need to press Tab ↹+Tab ↹ to get my cursor into the correct location to fill in the main parameter.
Inside Flow/Structured Discussions, I need to press Tab ↹+Tab ↹ to be able to type the name of the template, and then I need to press Tab ↹+Tab ↹ to fill in the parameter. This is new, probably late August or the first part of September.

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@Whatamidoing-WMF we are not able to reproduce the issue you reported anymore, neither in the old dialog nor the new one which has now been deployed to a few wikis - see T286992: Deploy VE template dialog improvements to small set of wikis. Could you give me some more detail about where you were/what you were doing when this happened and what the issue is? A link to a page where this is occurring (if it still is) and steps to reproduce would be helpful.

@Lena_WMDE As you can see in the video below, after I type in the property and hit enter, the "Property" field does not auto-focus and I must hit "Tab" twice in order to focus it. It should focus it automatically.

Thanks for the video @Lectrician1 , that's very helpful. We will look into it.