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Initiate Multilingual Readability Research (Q2)
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We have identified two different multilingual approaches to measuring readability of Wikipedia articles in T288239. For details see:

During Q2 the aim is:

  • generate multilingual datasets with annotated labels for training and evaluation
  • exploratory analysis of datasets and implementation of baseline measures
  • explore options to add collaborators or scope out subtasks as internship projects

Event Timeline

MGerlach moved this task from Staged to FY2021-22-Research-Oct-Dec on the Research board.
MGerlach removed a project: Epic.

Update week 2021-10-11:

  • wrote specifications for working on some subtasks as part of an internship (see this googledoc) and shared with Emily

Update week 2021-10-18:

  • discussed several options for potential candidates for interns with the team.

Update week 2021-10-25:

  • screening for internship candidates and starting discussions

Update week 2021-11-04:

  • reaching out and discussing with potential interns

Update week 2021-11-15:

  • discussed with potential intern. starting to formalize contract.

Update 2021-12-13:

  • there are some administrative blockers to set up the contract. trying to figure out with intern and HR what can be done.

Update 2021-12-20:

  • completed pipeline to generate datasets (code available in )
    • simple-en-wiki: large but only in English, all articles that are common in simplewiki and enwiki with their extracted text. final dataset contains 184k articles
    • viki-wiki: small but multilingual data, few thousand articles that are common in vikidia and wikipedia. the english dataset contains 3200 articles.
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Finalized generating the multilingual dataset (12 languages):

Moving exploratory analysis to next quarter's work.