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Fix MediaWiki-Docker/Extension/FileImporter
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This is a microtask for T256239: Create MediaWiki-Docker documentation for all repositories with Selenium tests. See that task for more information and how to get help.

  • If you are working on this task, assign it to yourself, so others know it's already taken.
  • Read the MediaWiki-Docker documentation for the repository: MediaWiki-Docker/Extension/FileImporter.
  • Set up the repository on your machine.
  • Run Selenium tests.
  • Read the repository documentation: Extension:FileImporter.
  • You might need to read repository source code: FileImporter.
  • You might need to contact developers of the repository. Developers/Maintainers lists which team is in charge of which repository.
  • Find what's missing from the MediaWiki-Docker documentation for the repository. Update the page. If the Selenium tests pass, you're done.

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@Mhmohona ok, assign the task to yourself. Let me know if you need help with assigning the task or the task itself.

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