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Implement visual interface for changing the categories a page is in
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Currently in MediaWiki, adding categories requires knowing obscure and esoteric code (as well as knowing which categories already exist on the wiki). This sucks. For geeks and other techies, it makes sense, but for regular people, they want to know why MediaWiki doesn't have a drop-down or suggestion system of some kind. And they want to know why they're required to manually type out the code and full category name, when plenty of other sites have features such as textarea tab-completion or auto-suggest or whatever else. The regular folks are right: a proper interface for adding categories is missing currently.

One option to resolve this bug might be to examine integrating something similar to HotCat ( into MediaWiki core. Other options will require more thought and development time. This is a serious interface issue, however, and I can't find any duplicates after a quick search of the database, so I'm logging this for now.

See Also:
T42076: UploadWizard: Implement interface like HotCat for suggesting categories
T52239: VisualEditor: Allow the user to edit categories at the bottom of the page, similar to HotCat



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This is a very sensible feature request. Please consider listing it under to increase the chances of someone picking it up.

Before someone is encouraged to work on something that will never be accepted by the community and/or the foundation. Be ware of existing initiatives (both on-going and completed ones).

  • As mentioned by MZMcBride, the HotCat gadget is an established piece of code. The primary maintained version lives on Wikimedia Commons (other wikis load it from there).
    • [[commons:MediaWiki:Gadget-HotCat.js]]
    • [[MediaWiki:Gadget-HotCat.js]]

      Aside from being in popular use and being well translated, it is also actively maintained.
  • The VisualEditor also intends to implement an interface to edit page meta data (such as categories). Given that VisualEditor is scheduled to be enabled by default (on some Wikimedia wikis) in July, and the expected path it will take from there, it may be best to discourage lots of investment in wikitext editing features as it will at some point go the background where a whole dedicated interface for just part of it is overkill and will only be used by a minority.

This bug may be a dupe of bug 167.

(In reply to comment #2)

  • The VisualEditor also intends to implement an interface to edit page meta data (such as categories).

This is already implemented. It is under page settings (see also Bug 51153 - VisualEditor: Category interface is hard to find)