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Going from start to a link to a tool should be easier
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When i search for a tool it takes me three actions to get to the 'Browse tool' button, which i think is a bit much for such a common usecase.

Let's say that i'm looking for Depictor. Currently the three steps i need to complete to get to the 'Browse tool' are:

  1. Type in 'Depictor' exactly as stated (due to the lack of stemming and autocomplete, see T293190.
  2. Click on the 'Depictor' result
  3. Click on 'Browse tool'

This seems like a lot of work for such a common action. Compare this to my original Tools Directory where the process is just

  1. Type in a couple of characters to filter down the list (e.g. 'depic')
  2. Click the title to go directly to the tool

I would also argue that the 'Browse tool' button should be to the left of 'Source code' because this is the thing people most often want.

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I agree that shortening the journey from search to performing "actions" on a tool (browse, view source code, and at a later stage, add to favorites or another list) would make for a better UX.

One way to do this could be to add v-card-actions to the ToolCard component, either as icons or text, but I'm not sure whether this conflicts with the design decisions in T286164: Improve Toolhub's UX.

@Husky We have deployed some improvements and are now wondering if the experience today at feels good enough to you? The search now does n-gram shingle lookups which should make finding by typing a partial name much more likely and that type ahead results in a drop down of tools that you can click on. When you click you end up the tool's detail screen and would need just one more click to get to the tool itself (assuming it is a web tool).

@bd808 yes, this definitely makes things a lot easier now, nice work! I still think there's a lot that can be done to make the user flow easier and more intuitive, but for now i'll close this ticket given that the main concern has been fixed.

@bd808: i've also added a couple new issues concerning UX improvements:

  • T306546: Remove / hide / reorder rarely used menu items
  • T306544: Toolhub logo should be clickable and go to homepage
  • T306542: Remove ID from autosuggest on search input form and add descriptions
  • T306541: Swap around 'Source code' and 'Browse tool' buttons on tool detail page
  • T306538: Add option to change number of items on search result screen
  • T306536: Reorder facets on search result screen to something more logical
  • T306534: Searching the hub should be more discoverable

And one feature request:

  • T306547: Add automatic screenshots or user-submitted images to tool detail pages