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Scale: consider enabling Growth features for returning accounts
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A returning account is:

  • an account created a while ago that have never been used (or has been used just for reading). Suddenly, their owner starts editing.
  • an account that made a few edits a while ago, and who resumes editing.

These accounts can be assimilated as newcomers. As a consequence, they would benefit from our features. This task is about thinking how we can offer our tools to these users and invite them to use them.

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kostajh added a subscriber: kostajh.

See also T290866: Provide notification about availability of add link feature which talks about notifications for a specific feature, but we could announce Special:Homepage in a notification to these users.

@Trizek-WMF I'm moving this to Triaged, but please change to another column/board as you see fit. Thanks!

I think this is something we should discuss about, as a possible way to scale and as a complement to T292090: Scale: consider enabling Growth features for autocreated accounts.

It seems hard to differentiate between the conceptual equivalents of creation and autocreation here - what if an experienced user, who is continuously active on their home wiki, has visited some other wiki once years ago, and is now visiting it again?