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Inconsistency in colors in header
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I see inconsistency in colors here in the header. This is how it looks on the website - get started button and menu items have a different color.
This is how it looks in figma guide - get started button and menu items have the same color. - this is how it looks in figma on pages design.
Can we decide on how it should look?
And I noticed that this color #495057 has a really low level of contrast with background Are you okay with that?

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The figma guide is out of date - I've asked Christine (the designer) to update that section. As far as I can tell the individual page designs below that "hover state" section are accurate.

Also for reference; the 'language' dropdown is just in the design for future implementation... we're not using that in this v1 launch.

okay; as of right now - she's updated the Figma "hover states" section to be up to date. Should address all things mentioned in here.

Good catches.

Also I wanted to note that on the header nav "get started" dims on hover when all the other text eases to white... i think they all need to have the same behavior.
Then in the footer nav, those items also dim on hover instead of ease to white. Footer nav text should do the same as header nav text.