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Add EJoseph to #wmf-nda
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I'm a new employee that is going through the onboarding process.

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Hi @EJoseph, thanks for taking the time to report this and welcome to Wikimedia Phabricator! :) To avoid misunderstandings, is this a request to get added to the Phabricator project WMF-NDA which will allow accessing tickets in Phabricator which require an NDA? Or is this about getting added to an LDAP group instead? currently links to an LDAP account, and does not list that account as being a member of the wmf LDAP group, so currently I cannot verify this request. Easiest would be if you also connected your on-wiki SUL work account (handed out by WMF ITS) to your Phabricator account, see for more info. Thanks!

FYI: shows the account is linked to a email. Not sure if that helps.