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Enable the adding of rel="license" ; property="cc:attributionName" on File pages
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Author: folengo

In addition to the « Text is available under the <a rel="license" ... » code at the bottom of each page, users should have a way to add "rel=license" when they provide an external link for the license of a specific (pdf, image, video or audio) file.

For example the html of is failing from using rel="license" where it should, in the syntax of the link to

By the same token, the original authors of a Work distributed under a Creative Commons license ( User:Ragesoss (Sage Ross) for one image, Hisashi for 4 images User:多摩に暇人 for one image, Derivative work: Caspian blue in the example given above) should be described with

rel="cc:attributionURL dct:creator"


in the links to their user pages (on Commons or on Flickr)

See the source code of or, for example, that of .

It seems that without such changes, the tool can't work fine on Commons (while it works fine on Flickr).

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement