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WME Website \ Home and Pricing Pages Change Request
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  • Some image changes coming... the 3 JSON images on home and the 1 JSON object on pricing are updating soon, need swap
  • is new in Figma - needs to be swapped
  • Font px size bumped in Figma on Homepage div class we-cards-group (went from 12px to 14px I think)

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  • I see the font px is bumped on teh blue boxes in .we_cards_group
  • license.svg is swapped
  • /structured-data.png on Products page is swapped

Not Done:

  • The 3 JSON images on the home page tab toggler.

References uploaded here: (note coloring of strings vs int/bools are updated) (2×1 px, 1008 KB)

We have an issue with new images for the Service Delivery section.
Distances between the lines are different and locations of the line numbers as well, so when switching the tabs, it feels like the lines are jumping.
@creynolds If it should be fixed, related images should be corrected in design first and then Alexander.lauie will swap them on the site.

Yeah @Anna.bondar, I think this was a discrepancy in Figma desktop updates vs mobile part of figma didn't get those updates... I talked to @Alexander.lauie about this a little bit ago and he's going to use the desktop images to recreate the mobile srcset images.