Bugs that should be fixed post 1.17 WMF deployment (tracking)
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T4007: Tracking bug (tracking)
T28439: Deploy updated WMF branch to production (February 2011)
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T29608: sortable code broken due to r73270
T29577: Gallery perrow width is overestimated
T29575: The revision tag pop up disappears without giving the user a chance to click the links in it
T29547: Text excerpt should start on a new line in file search results
T29546: RSS/Atom feed of user contributions broken due to deletedOnly param in link
T29544: SVG images that are invalid XML no longer rendered
T29539: some pagelist parameters are no longer passed to the extension
T29534: proofreadpage JS error.
T29533: LiquidThreads namespaces are missing on Swedish Wikisource since 16 February 2011
T29524: LocalisationUpdate failed
T29526: Regression: email user does not support &target= anymore
T29515: wgVectorModules , wgWikiEditorModules JS variables removed, breaks back compat
T29506: <gallery> is printed in 1 file per row
T29499: "Stub size threshold" in preferences doesn't work
T29496: Edit screen autoscrolling
T29495: Change NS_USER and NS_USER_TALK namespaces at ptwiki
T29489: Update math/texvc module on WMF projects
T29486: Special:Import ignoring destination namespace, providing incorrect source in logs
T29484: File pages created by UploadWizard in Explorer have empty categories
T29481: Wrong removal of spaces in javascript
T29477: [Regression!] ImageInfo API query returns descriptionUrl = false if file comes from local repository
T29472: Foreign files now have (( )) instead of ()
T29470: Upload blacklist for target names not being applied
T29471: WikiEditor toolbar shows up unexpectedly
T29465: SVG thumbnail generation fails due to bad namespace handling in SVGMetadataExtractor
T29467: preload can leave UNIQ
T29454: <pages> tag from ProofreadPage extension broken on enwikisource since 1.17 upgrade
T29448: meta:Special:BannerLoader is loaded using http protocol when using secure server (https)
T29430: Special:CentralAuth shouldn't use always minutes
T29372: Bugs in debug mode on simple wikipedia
T29368: 1.17 deployment enables enhanced toolbar even when disabled in prefs
T29352: Wikimedia deployment needs /w/resources directory symlinked or overridden for debug mode
T29354: "log me in globally" is logging me out in 1.17
T29338: Gallery in 1.17 breaks for audio/video + ogghandler
T29330: revreview-editnotice is aligned LTR in he.wikisource
T29328: using relative paths in CSS imports in MediaWiki:Common.css broken in 1.17
T29302: RL: Avoid unnecessary and uncached requests for user and site modules
T30568: clear iwlinks on page deletion
T30352: self unblock with username does not work under 1.17
T30166: UploadBase assumes that 'edit' and 'upload' rights are not per page restrictions
T30034: uploading file to local wiki when file exists on shared repository (commons) gives spurious info in the warning message
T30020: Category sort key (cl_sortkey_prefix) set to wrong value when a page is moved and stays that way
T29982: deformed layout of ogg player options in new gallery
T29977: Footer "floated" left in monobook
T29962: No user redirection to mobile site
T29961: Deploy translations made to the Vector extension after December 2010
T29956: Large category not registering all files
T29931: Talkpage notice mails out of sync
T29891: Old version seen immediately after edit
T29822: Fatal error on Commons: LocalRepo::newFileFromRow: invalid row
T29761: Links to page with ux don't display in Esperanto Wikipedia (eo.wikipedia.org)
T29753: NewUserMessage extension doesn't subst where it should or adds the wrong template
T29727: Fix and restart job runners for Wikimedia wikis
T29722: filearchive api module doesn't respect revdelete
T29715: prop=imageinfo shows suppressed data for oldimages
T29690: Delayed redirect from main site for mobile users (1.17 regression)
T29680: [Regression!] Special:Watchlist/edit doesn't have wgCanonicalSpecialPageName = "Watchlist"
T29679: Ugly encoding in red file links containing an ampersand
T29671: Search suggest no longer suggests canonical names of special pages
TheDJ, MarkAHershberger, Platonides and 3 others

Tracking for bugs that don't need to block deployment, but do need fixing sometime soon afterwards

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Severity: normal

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  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 27470 ***
TheDJ added a comment.Via ConduitFeb 25 2011, 9:13 AM

Sorry, pasted into the wrong field.

RobLa-WMF added a comment.Via ConduitMar 3 2011, 2:17 AM

I'd like to go through this list and make sure everything that's still open is a regression from 1.16.

Reedy added a comment.Via ConduitSep 18 2011, 7:08 PM

Moved to 1.18 post deployment

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