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TypeError: namespacesWithSubpages.indexOf is not a function
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List of steps to reproduce (step by step, including full links if applicable):
453 errors in last 12 hrs starting yesterday limited to group 0 and group 1 wikis. Given volume, unless this error can be shown to be limited to these wikis, this should be considered a train blocker either this week or next week as group 2 will likely trigger this higher (see : Over 1000 errors in a 12 hr period").*/logstash-2021.10.14?id=HX4_f3wBw6ZjC92mhEDm

at ve.ui.MWInternalLinkAnnotationWidget.prototype.onTextChange
at OO.EventEmitter.prototype.emit
at OO.ui.InputWidget.prototype.setValue
at ve.ui.LinkAnnotationWidget.prototype.setAnnotation
at ve.ui.LinkAnnotationInspector.prototype.getTeardownProcess/<
at proceed/<
at mightThrow
at resolve/</process<

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