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Help link for logged out users doesn't give clues for what the title says
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In the new "···" button for logget out users there is a link to a help page (Help:Introduction) that promises to have help for logged out users. That's not true. We should think what the help link there should be (this help links exist, so a new message is redundant and creating more work for volunteers) and don't assume that there is help for non logged in users.

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Please do not create subtasks when they are not subtasks, but instead create a new task. Thanks!

So, if a thing completely related to the decission in T276564 is noticed, we can't say that this is related to T276564. Weird. I'm thinking that giving up is better than notifying bugs and errors.

Aklapper added a subscriber: ovasileva.

@Theklan: "related" does not imply a technical subtask. Also, please do not assign tasks to people without their consent, as it is disruptive. Thanks.

Ok. I give up. Do whatever you want. I can't lose more time making suggestions if I'm getting this answers. Close everything. Everything is going fine. Is just me, that I want weird things.