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Wikimedia deployment needs /w/resources directory symlinked or overridden for debug mode
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When using ResourceLoader's debug mode, .js files are fetched directly from their home location in the resources directory.

On Wikimedia deployments this would be in /w/resources; like the old extensions dir this'll need to be either symlinked in so the files can be exposed, or else overridden with a reference to

[Note that at the moment debug mode is additionally broken on due to bug 27321 / bug 27322. With the fix, it'll try actually loading the /w/resources files and will then fail due to them being missing.]

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This seems fixed now, can the ticket be closed ?

I noticed this too while debugging on test2, told Roan about it on IRC and it was fixed earlier this week.

Hadn't noticed this bug, but yeah, it's fixed.
It was a new directory in 1.17 so it wasn't linked yet.