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wikipedia uses third-party-cookies - maybe it should not?
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usually i turn off 3rd party cookies, and was surprised wikipedia is using them, see the attached screenshot. it might be language wiki related? not too sure. what can i do to avoid this warning?

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As far as I know, the third-party cookies are used as part of the single login implementation – for example, when you log in on *, we attempt to also set cookies for *, * and so on, to log you in on those sites as well. Unfortunately, Wikimedia sites are spread across multiple domains, which browsers consider to be "third parties" to each other.

If you're blocking third-party cookies, that just means you'll have to log in on each project separately. It shouldn't cause any problems. If you want to get rid of the warning, it might be possible to configure your browser to allow third-party cookies on Wikimedia sites.

There is a public bug report about these issues: T257803: Chrome's "Block third-party cookies" option breaks CentralAuth edge login / autologin.

I don't see a security issue here per definition, so I'm making this ticket public.

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...but Phab does not let my user account change the task subtype. Sigh.

Please don't resolve if nothing got resolved. - Edit Related Tasks...Close As Duplicate in the upper right corner is your friend. :) Thanks!

cool - i saw how this works, thanks for the hint! this is not the most intuitive fried i saw in my life i must admit :) :)

this is not the most intuitive fried i saw in my life i must admit :) :)

I wholeheartedly agree :)