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"log me in globally" is logging me out in 1.17
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Author: though.poppies.blow

Today I logged into en.wikinews and checked the "log me in globally" checkbox. It logged me out of everything else (here being en.wikibooks, simple.wikipedia, meta and en.wikipedia). I logged back into enwiki then into simple (checking the global login box again), and I was logged out of wikinews again, but not out of enwiki. Is this an isolated problem?

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though.poppies.blow wrote:

I'm running Fx4.0b11 on XP, for what it's worth.
As requested, exact trail of logins, from what my browser history records:
<logged in on enwiki, meta and wikibooks>
-visited enwiki
-logged in to make
-relogin to simple to revert (and revdel)
-Visit wikibooks and meta again, finding myself logged out.
-Ask around on #wikipedia-en.
-Finding I'd been logged out of enwiki as well, I log in there.
-Relogin on wikibooks.
-file bug.
-Relogin to meta.
-attempt (unsuccessfully) to replicate issue on other computer.

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This is probably due to 1.17 running on some wikis and 1.16 on others. I suggest we wait until 1.17 is fully deployed on all wikis and try again then.

@Roan sounds right. Can't reproduce anymore