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Files aren't shown well while they did show well before
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A lot of files, so far I can see mostly svg-files, aren't shown well and give errors. Those files did work before, were shown well before, and are used on many pages. (It seems since the deployment of MediaWikii 1.17 something was changed in the SVG renderer.


Version: 1.17.x
Severity: major



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I doubt File:Icon@2x.png was really showing well before. The image is 805.314.562 × 284.378.236 = 229013934566672632 pixels > 12.5 million pixels.

The two svg have a MIME type of application/xml instead of image/svg+xml (probably because they miss a xmlns:ns namespace). That seems to prevent showint it as a SVG.

PS: MediaWiki 1.17 wasn't deployed yet to commons (or rather, it was rolled back).

1.17 does have a new SVG parser, that could cause for a change in behavior. This parser could reject files, that were not rejected before. It might have been that some of these 'incorrect' files were renderable by librsvg. However the files are broken, and should be fixed (And actually can easily be fixed).

None of the original files display in Safari. If we did show them before, then we were more lenient on SVG correctness then Operating Systems.

The PNG doesn't render either on Mac OS X and is actually uploaded last november on top of a working file. Likely this is just an error in the file as well. The new PNG parser could bring this problem to light I guess, but the file is broken nonetheless.

I personally suggest wontfix for all of these, because they are actually broken files. Commons editors could easily revert or repair them if they want to.

Innocenti.Maresin wrote:

I second this. In such files as the parser rejected to process elements of <svg:> namespace. Compare the old (now troublemaking) version at!Stock_alarm.svg and my recent one, with fixes/workarounds.


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