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Analysis of large subgraphs in Wikidata
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As a Data Analyst for Wikidata and WDQS, I would like to know what are the other large subgraphs in Wikidata (besides scholarly articles and astronomical objects) and the connectivity between them. The aim is to get an estimate of the gain (or loss) of splitting them from Wikidata.


  • What are the various large subgraphs (found using P31 and possible merge of obviously similar groups)
  • What are their sizes, how many items they have
  • Connectivity among these subgraphs
    • What properties do these subgraphs commonly use and what properties overlap among them
    • What items overlap
    • How many triples connect multiple subgraphs (through items, e.g ?item_of_subgraph1 Pxx ?item_of_subgraph2)