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Setup ksqlDB In IaC
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When new instance of ksqlDB is being deployed, I want to have IaC configuration for doing that ready so I don't have to manually deploy new instance all the time.

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AnnaMikla triaged this task as Medium priority.Oct 19 2021, 9:05 AM

First steps:

  1. What EC2 instance type will be the best for this database? How much CPU and memory do we need?
  2. I'm leaning towards docker, looks like the easiest way to go. Any other options/suggestions?
  3. Backups, do we need them or it stores the state in Kafka?
  4. We would probably lean towards interactive deployment, let's explore other options as well.
  5. SSL and Aauth, let's figure out how are we dealing with those.
  6. Rolling deployment? Looks like the way to go let's discuss.

So from the top of my head I would deploy this with docker and put a load balancer in front of it so we can do a rolling deployment.
Also would suggest putting it inside private network so no one can find it from the outside.
After we have answers to those questions we can start writing terraform and automate the deployment.

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