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Review Wikimedia apps landing page
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This task is part of a project to establish a formal review process and set of standards for Wikimedia technical documentation. For more information, visit the project page on



We should consider whether the Wikimedia apps page on Meta or (currently a team page?) is best suited for this

To do

Replace this section with the latest version of the review template

Event Timeline

IMHO the underlying problem to solve first is T278578 and I'm tempted to merge this task T293771 into T278578.

meta: (in the context of T278578):

  • Moved three team note pages out of mw:Wikimedia_Apps/* to mw:Wikimedia_Apps/Team/* ; moved several more pages with unhelpful names (such as Philadelphia offsite to Team/Philadelphia 2017 offsite etc) because this is a public wiki and it sounds like it's for apps and not for teams only.
  • Threw {{historical}} onto way too many subpages
apaskulin assigned this task to Aklapper.
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I think we can call this done. Thanks, Andre!