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Review landing page for WMF projects
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This task is part of a project to establish a formal review process and set of standards for Wikimedia technical documentation. For more information, visit the project page on


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Replace this section with the latest version of the review template

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IMO mw:Category:WMF_Projects is useless, hard to fix, and should never be linked from anywhere by anyone.

There is no shared understanding what a "project" is. It can be literally anything. So it also lists links to many team pages. Or for example I have no clue why and how (technically) items like (a navigation element only!) are listed on that page; maybe maybe because they embed the "Wikimedia engineering project information" template but what do I understand about the magic behind.
Category pages lists any pages, no matter when they were active once upon a time, e.g. listed mw:Mobile_Contact_US or mw:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_mobile_application have been properly marked as obsolete in 2012 (in the template only though).
Clicking some random listed items, I just threw {{historical}} onto mw:Shell_requests and threw it also onto mw:Wikimedia_blog_maintenance . Or removed this category from mw:Roadmap.
Plus people often don't update the content of those listed pages so I doubt their usefulness.

Continuing whacking moles would take weeks for no obvious gain. Scope creep and no gardening/gatekeeping.

Which brings me to the underlying question: Who cares about "WMF" projects specifically, and why? And what are "projects"?
(Badly named mw:Wikimedia_Technology and mw:Wikimedia_Product also came to my mind but they are WMF department/team/goal oriented.)

I agree with Andre's points above. Declining this task and removing it as a key doc.

It looks like this category still being used by editors; see this edit. We should consider removing it entirely if it isn't serving a purpose