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Notifications - Early testing notes for QA
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These notes will be for TestFlight build 6.9.0 1858 (and subsequent build numbers). Much of this functionality is still in PR review, so those tickets need to stay in that column. This ticket is spun off to explain what is and isn't in this build for the purposes of early testing.

T288668 - empty state

  • This view is done and will show while notifications are first importing, but we will need to update it when we implement the local filtering modals.

T288662 - Display notifications in Notifications Center

  • This is mostly in place, but we will still need to scoop up some extra unread notifications from other languages that are not app languages. For now this imports and displays app language notifications, wikidata and commons (read and unread history) on first appearance of the notification center. The notification center also refreshes this data when the user backs out and returns to it.
  • Fetching and displaying all notification types are in place. You can test the content of the labels/icons and the cell UI in general. Theming and text scaling is in place.
  • We added the ability to locally page after a user's notifications have imported (If you have a lot of notifications, notice screen will page when you scroll to the bottom).
  • We added a very basic edit mode of notification center to test other cell style configurations. Tap Edit in the top right corner, and notice you can check the notification cells on or off.
  • We are not properly handling login or logout, yet, so be sure to visit notification center only after you have logged in, and do not switch accounts on the same install or you will see other account notifications on the new account.
  • We are not showing anything in the bottom toolbar, so there is no ability to bulk mark as read or reach the filtering or inbox screens yet.

T288670 - Add primary actions for cells

  • This is in place. You can tap a cell as well as tap it's header and it should route to the correct place.

T288687 - Add secondary actions for cells

  • This is halfway in place. We have some temporary UI showing for swipe actions. If you swipe a cell, an action sheet pops up with options. You can confirm the options in this action sheet match what is listed in the Mappings spreadsheet in T288687. All swipe actions here should work, including marking as read/unread and routing to the Notifications Settings screen (note Notification Settings screen itself is not complete).

T287310 - Add Notification Service Extension to populate push notification content

  • Enable push notifications by going to app Settings > Notifications > flipping the toggle on. Then you can send push notifications to yourself from another account via Desktop Wikipedia (or any other platform of your choosing). This task encompasses populating the content of the push notification. We are also doing a super basic push notification tap > notification center deep link, but there are many app state variations on that that we aren't handling yet (i.e. no thoughtful handling yet if you are in the middle of the editing flow and you tap the notification, for example). But the content inside the push notification itself can be tested. Note we are not doing any rich content long press at this time (and likely not for v1). Use these same steps for testing the remaining 3 tickets below:

T285353 - Experimental mock for a "no new data" notification

  • Can be tested.

T287033 - Default notification handling on iOS

  • Can be tested

T288773 - edge and error cases, user education

  • "Push notification content" section of this task description can be tested.

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@ABorbaWMF I just kicked off a build with some UI polish and cell tap routing functionality. I updated the description to match what to expect. It will be in TestFlight build 6.9.0 (1856). Let me know if you have any questions!

@ABorbaWMF We made a new build today (TestFlight build 6.9.0 (1857)) with the ability to swipe left on notifications cells and see some (temporary) UI with secondary action options. Updated the task description with details.

@ABorbaWMF We made a new build today (TestFlight build 6.9.0 (1858)) with additional swipe action functionality. Now in 1858 you can mark a notification as read or unread, and tap and route to the Notification Settings screen. Updated the task description to reflect this.

@ABorbaWMF We have a few tickets mentioned earlier in this description that have made it past PR review and are merged in. I have moved those specific tickets into the Needs QA column and am striking it from this "Early testing notes" ticket.

T288670 (Looks like you already tested and moved this one, thanks!)

With the last big ticket here ( making it through code review, I don't think this early testing notes task is needed anymore. I'm closing this because QA testing against the individual tickets as they make it into the Needs QA column is preferred.

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